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California Sunkist Pups California Grown!

Our Bostons are our kids. They are endearing, sassy, sometimes naughty, always loving. At Welcome Ranch, we aim to produce healthy, funny, enduring companions. We only show our dogs occassionally. Have you seen the movie "Best in Show"? The antics of the trainers and dog owners portrayed in that film are not so far from reality. Though many dog enthusiasts love the show world, for me frequent showing invites a certain angst into one's life that I don't savor. Many of our dogs, however, trace their lineages back to show champions, and producing Bostons of good type is important to us.

One enduring interest of ours is to produce Bostons in unusual colors. The recessive genes for red, fawn, blue and other colors are lurking in the DNA of modern Bostons. Photos of early Bostons often reveal these unusual colors in the progenitors of the breed. Bostons of color are gorgeous. Breeding colorful Bostons is a controversial task, I must say. We have taken heat from traditionalists about preserving the reds and fawns in our pack. We say to each his own. We certainly appreciate the work the purists have done in establishing lovely lines of black and brindle bostons with good comformation. The colorful Bostons, though, are every bit as "pure" as the show stock and can be refined to the same degree. They may even be a vital source of the genes that enhance the brindle color, now considered the favorite color in the ring. So we intend to follow our hearts on this and continue to breed for excellence in color.

An Early Boston

Good health is another stong emphasis in our program. We want puppies that are vigorous and trouble-free. Consequently we breed for dogs that have an ever so slightly longer muzzles to improve breathing. We screen our dogs for orthopedic, cardiac and eye issues regulariy. Finally, we free-whelp our bitches whenever possible, that is, allow the pups to be born naturally. Many if not most Boston breeders pre-schedule C-sections for their dogs as difficult births are common. We have the expertise to allow our bitches to deliver naturally, and rescue the situation immediately if trouble arises. A line of Bostons that can consistently free-whelp seems a noble goal to me.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the slide show of Our Gang below. It may take a few minutes for the images to load. We will add more photos of the dogs as time goes by.

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