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Brand new Gunnar pups

"My name is Charlie and I used to live with you and my Mom and Dad. On April 23rd I came to live with Faye in Pleasanton. . . I can run up the stairs now but I'm still afraid to go down. I have learned the strange noises here and am trying to train my new Mom. She wants to be the leader of the pack! I still sneak a pee in the house but I have found out I get a kibble if I go outside or on the paper inside. I don't cry anymore when we go to bed and I often take naps in my crate. We play and laugh a lot and my Mom gives me a carrot from the refrig. when my teeth and gums hurt.

At night I race through the house and deck like a freight train and then go to bed. I don't know why, but the other day Mom gave me another name - Sir Charles Turd! I guess I better not call her Mrs Turd!!

Lauren, Charlie is the best thing that ever happened to me. Boston Terriers ARE a loving breed. Thank You for Charlie.

  - Faye

Tiny Gunnar Pups


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