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Polly Pups

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that Bailey is healthy, happy, and BIG. Well... big in comparison to that tiny, quiet puppy we thought we were bringing home. Bailey has found her voice and she isn't afraid to use it. Instead of being taunted by our cat, Geeber (our biggest concern when we brought her home), Bailey has been sure to let Geeber know who is boss... and how.

Bailey has many special gifts; she is creative and good at entertaining herself, as well as us. Bailey is good at playing fetch, tug-of-war, and attack of the Killer Boston Terrier vs. The Elmo Slippers. Unfortunately, attack of the Killer Boston Terrier is most exciting while Dawn is wearing her slippers.Bailey is also an excellent decorator; she knows exactly which spots on our carpeting needed abstract yellow designs. Bailey has managed to carve wood work and believe it or not, dry wall using only her teeth as her carving implements-- amazing. Additionally, her work in paper towels and toilet paper is quite festive and often leaves us breathless.

Actually, Bailey, despite all of her unique talents, and maybe in some ways because of them, has endeared herself to us in a way that has made her the central figure in our lives. We love her dearly and want to thank you for helping us meet her. She is a wonderful little sprite: intelligent, witty, charming, and utterly lovable. We just wanted you to know how much she means to us. Thanks Again" - Matt and Dawn

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