Starting in 2000 we are blending the magical blood of the Friesian horse with some of our herd. With this effort we are seeking to add height and that lovely floating action. Perhaps we are merely reinforcing the influence of "Young Bullrock", a Friesian stallion who stood in Springfield in 1792, and is sometimes rumoured to have sired Figure, the Morgan foundation stallion. True or no, the combination of these two breeds is spectacular.

Danny Morgan/Friesian crosses make spectacular sport, driving and dressage horses. They are eligible for registration with the American Warmblood Society and the Friesian Sport Horse Registry, among others. Imagine the size and floating gaits of the friesian with the face, refinement and stamina of the morgan!

In 2000 we are shipping semen from the Friesian stallion T-Valley Danny, who is featured in all the pictures on this page. Danny is owned by Thunder Valley Stables. This gentle giant stands 17.2 hands but has the soul of a puppy. Danny is by the great Barteld and was imported by Thunder Valley from Canada. His Pedigree is below.

T-Valley Danny Pedigree:

If you are interested in one of these foals, we suggest you inquire early.
The demand for these horses is quite high.

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