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Born August 1, 1926


Flyhawk was one of the great sires of the Brunk bloodline. Foaled on a hot August day at Cotton Hill Farm, he was recognized as something special from the very beginning. As a 2 year old, he was purchased as a future herdsire for the LU Sheep Ranch in Dickie Wyoming. He was quickly initiated into the realities of ranch and cattle work, duties he shared with another famous Morgan stallion, Linspar. Flyhawk was used by several local ranchers who admired the quality of his foals. In 1939 he was sold to the Greenwalts and came to Highview Farm in Illinois, one of the Brunk Farms, where he lived the rest of his days.Under the ownership of the Greenwalts Flyhawk realized his show career and was Champion Stallion at the Illinois State Fair in 1940/41.

Throughout his 32 years, whatever his calling, Flyhawk was a useful, playful family horse with a happy disposition. During the snowy winters, Flyhawk would help out with ski-jouring, pulling family members by a rope looped over his saddle horn. It was his duty to help pony and break the young colts that arrived from the LU. Dick Greenwalt described Flyhawk as having a "unique intelligence that placed him on a par with humans". He was a memorable horse, a kind horse, a horse that even into his twilight years remained fit, sound and all business.

Flyhawk's greatest legacy was the offspring he sired. He was famous for his cross on Senatola, the full sister of Jubilee King. This happy nick produced the great broodmare Jubilee Joy, the top stock horse Warhawk who was owned by the Cross Ranch, Stetson - the sire of many great Utah and Wyoming morgans, the University of Connecticut broodmare Sentana, Top Flight - a sire for the Warner Angus Ranch and The Airacobra, flashy showhorse and sire of Mr Breezy Cobra. Flyhawk
Another great genetic meeting was the crossing of Flyhawk blood with that of Senator Graham which occured back at the LU Sheep Ranch. The LU had kept many Flyhawk daughters and they were ready to breed when Senator Graham joined the ranch. One example of this cross was Jenny Lake, 5 time Grand Champion mare at the Illinois State Fair. Jenny Lake was also the dam of Mr Breezy Cobra (sired by a Flyhawk son), who sired the outstanding stallion Beamington.

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